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Expertly made, in small batches with only natural ingredients.


Stanhope Preserves is an award winning producer based in St Albans where we lovingly create all of our Jams, Chutneys and Jellies by hand in small batches.

Mass produced foods with additives and synthetic preservatives can be boring and choice is limited. Our products are carefully made with flavours designed to bring an extra special touch to your table, we invite you to taste the difference. As well as being suppliers to some wonderful farm shops and delicatessens you can buy our produce in our online shop to be delivered straight to your door!

From Our Kitchen to Yours​


We don't compromise on our ingredients and source as locally as possible, we like you to taste the produce and not the sugar or vinegar first. Having beautiful condiments at your table can lift your meal and your mood. We know you love our traditional flavours as well as when we create new flavour combinations, so you will find new ideas in our ranges as well as tastes and fruits that remind you of years gone by.

Its All In The Produce

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